Countless companies deem information security as an afterthought. Blatantly rationalizing the thought of someone getting into their systems or a worm infecting their network will never transpire. These companies try to convince their selves that because they are not a huge corporation and just a small business that these incidents will never happen to them.  Companies don’t realize that they are gambling with other people’s private information and confidential company information, when they do nothing.

As a security professional, I always keep costs in mind when approaching C suites with approvals for new security implementations. No matter how economical the solution is, many companies believe they do not need security and will not spend the money. Dodging security solutions individually and trying to get them approved for cost and implementation has been a hard, yet cumbersome task to successfully complete.  I’ve learned over the last 2 decades that considering most companies don’t believe they need security, that it’s just easier to incorporate security as the only option when introducing new infrastructure changes.

When implementing new or executing huge infrastructure changes, there is always multiple ways and options to get the task completed to provide what the company is demanding.  When these opportunities occur, as the professional, you have to only provide the company with the options that are ultimately secure and that will protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the infrastructure. In doing so, the company knows they have to do a particular infrastructure change and will approve an option which includes security. Once an option is selected, I always use the tactic of continuous improvement to add any additional security measures after the first implementation.

Providing companies with the most secure solutions to their everyday technology problems is always the best observation. Companies assume they know how to incorporate the technology, when in most cases they don’t have a clue. It’s our responsibility as security professionals to make sure we incorporate by any means necessary the most secure and viable options to securing the company’s infrastructure.




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