Countless companies are under the impression that their infrastructure is secure from outsider threats.  IT administrators and/or managers are unaware of or do not correctly understand today’s threat landscape.  Roughly 80% of the companies we interact with during the strategizing phase of a security technology, believe they do not really require the security measure for their company.

In these types of situations, we recommend the client to take advantage of our FREE FNS1 Threat Check.  The Threat Check in most cases divulges a potential vulnerability the client was not aware of.  Once the client receives the report, in most cases it prompts them into quoting either a Penetration Test or Risk Assessment.

The FNS1 Threat Check consists of the following:

  1. Find a potential Threat.
  2. Provide a list of potential Risks associated with the Threat.
  3. Locate up to 5 email accounts that may have been Breached.


  1. Potential Threat:

The FNS1 Security Team, without the use of scanning tools, will manually evaluate your online presence.  During the investigation, the Security Team will uncover at least one potential threat to your company.  The Security Team will then associate a rating to the potential Threat discovered.

  1. Associated Risks:

Once the potential Threat has been established, the Security Team will research any potential Risks associated with the discovered potential Threat.  The Security Team will then append a rating to the Risks found.

  1. Breach:

The FNS1 Security Team will research the email addresses you provided to evaluate if any of the accounts have been either breached or have been associated with a Breach.  The Security Team will then assign a rating to the Breaches discovered.


How does the FNS1 Threat Check work?

  1. Register for the Threat Check at
  2. A sales representative will contact you for additional information.
  3. Our Security Team will investigate the information you provided.
  4. Shortly, you will receive a report with the findings via email.




 Register for your FREE Threat Check today: