Every month the amount of data breaches and intrusions publicly announced by companies are continually rising. Several of these security incidents could have been prevented or at least mitigated with a simple penetration test. Company’s don’t realize how much information they are exposing to the attackers.

Why You Need to be Tested
In the eyes of the attacker, everyone is a target with no exceptions. A penetration test against your public facing web applications and IP addresses would give you a better understanding of how vulnerable you really are to these attackers. Not only will you increase your knowledge of your public fingerprint, you will also be provided with recommendations to either reduce or eliminate the risk.

Your time will come
The odds of your company not experiencing a data breach or some type of security incident grows smaller and smaller by the day. The attackers are getting smarter and bolder, discovering the weaknesses exposed by your company. A simple missed firmware update on your router could drastically increase your odds of being attacked or breached.

Compliance and Regulations
Most compliance and regulations, such as HIPAA and GLBA require your company to perform penetration tests on a regular interval. Meeting compliance and regulations should not be your company’s only reason for conducting a penetration test. Protecting your company’s data, information and reputation should also be a concern. This type of security testing also gives your company an outsiders perspective on the security you currently have in place and allows you to harden your defenses.

You will Save Money
How much money are you willing to lose? If your company experiences a data breach or security incident, this could cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars, when a single penetration test is only in the low thousands to conduct. Seems like a no brainer, but companies are not willing to budge enough money towards protecting their data and reputation until after a security incident occurs. Company’s need to be more proactive and budget for their security and be on the defense.

Often, it’s the simplest thing that may cause your company to fall victim to a data breach or intrusion.  Company’s need to have a penetration test conducted at least once a year or when there are any drastic changes make to their infrastructure.

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