There are several different ways to hide your identity online.  This article will describe one approach to an anonymous tactic along with the tools required to get the job done.

Masking Your IP Address online

We will start by masking our public IP address from anyone outside the local network.  Masking your IP address will assist in hiding your identity online and geo location.  Your IP address is your fingerprint online and is unique to every home or business network going out to the internet.   Your fingerprint also provides a geo location, which is the origin location of who owns the IP address.

Alter Your Online Traffic Route

Once we mask our IP address, we will want to route our outbound traffic to make several hops all around the world.  Remember that every country has its own set of rules, regulations and boundaries for what can and should not be done over the World Wide Web.  The end of the route which will be the public IP address reported to the website or web application you’re connecting to, should be from another country if possible.  The average person doesn’t know what the laws are in other countries and we want to take advantage of that.

Changing Your Browser Information

Now that we have masked our IP address and altered our route through the internet, we will need to change our browser header information.  When you connect to a website or web application, your browser shares information with the server.  Some of this information may include; type of computer, operating system and browser being used.  This feature within your browser is typically used by a web developer to test their website or web applications usability from different browsers without changing the browser.  This feature is called the Browser User Agent and is available to alter within any web browser.  You may want to change the user agent to report a different browser and operating system to the web application you’re connecting to.  For example; let’s say I’m using a Windows computer with a Chrome browser, I can change the User Agent to report that I’m using a Safari browser from a Mac OS.

Tools to Simplify the Process

All three of the components described can all be done automatically using the tools provided by the Tor Project.  The Tor Project has a variety of free tools to simplify the process of protecting your anonymity online. The Tor browser can run on multiple operating systems including Android and allows for customization’s.  There is also Tails, which is a Live Linux distro that can be run from a USB drive.  The perks of using Tails is that all your internet traffic whether you’re using a web browser or application will travel through the Tor network.  The tools provided by the Tor Project will route your internet traffic through the dark web and is how it maintains your anonymity.

Besides the information provided in this article, there may be other precaution’s you must take to keep your internet traffic anonymous.  An example would be downloading from a website, this could reveal your real public IP address to the website your connected to.




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